The School has an admission limit of 17 pupils per year group at present.  The initial admissions at Foundation Stage are  dealt with through County  with the school responsible for any in-year applications.  Application forms can be obtained from the Somerset County Council website or the school office.        
County will look at the following criteria when making their decisions:

  1. Child with a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEND) or an Education, Health and Care plan (EHC) if the school is named.
  2. Children Looked After – Children in the care of the Local Authority or formally adopted.

  3. Children without a statement of Special Educational Needs, identified with a sensory, physical or medical disability (High Needs Pupils), where a multi-agency professional team has identified the school as the nearest suitable school. 

  4. Children living in the catchment area, with an older sibling at the school at the time of admission, and who live at the same address.

  5. Children living in the rural catchment area.

  6. Children living in the catchment area.

  7. Children living outside the catchment area, with an older sibling at the school at the time of admission, and who live at the same address.

In VC schools with a religious foundation:

  • Children and/or parent(s) who are practising members of the founding religious body of the school (Anglican)

  • Children and/or parent(s) who are practising members of other churches or religious denominations.

Where an application has been refused in any year group, the child will be placed on a waiting list. This will be kept strictly in order of oversubscription criteria by the Local Authority, as the Admission Authority, and the child will remain on the waiting list until the end of the academic year in which the application was refused. Parents are responsible for informing the Admission Authority of any changes in their circumstances, which could affect their place on the waiting list.


Admissions Policy 2019

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In year application form

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Statutory guidance that schools must follow when carrying out duties relating to school admissions                  Read more...

Foundation Starters 2018

When deciding on the right school for your child it is very important that you visit the school first in order to ensure the school will meet your child's needs and that you like the direction which the school is travelling - every school is different.

For more information about your child's first year at Abbas and Templecombe school please ​see the presentation below created for this years parents meeting and the information booklet given to parents at last years tours (some of the information contained in both these documents will be out of date but it does gives you a general idea as to our school). 


Welcome to our school
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Parent Handbook
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