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We believe that the children in our school deserve opportunities to be exposed to the wider world. As a small, rural village our children have minimal experiences of different cultures and communities. It is our responsibility to ensure that all of the children in our school learn about the diverse world around them.

Our curriculum has been designed to enrich our pupils by providing them with information and experiences to increase the cultural capital of our school. By educating them about different cultures, communities, occupations and countries we hope to broaden their knowledge and future opportunities.

The 3 I’s for our curriculum


Our curriculum is designed with these goals in mind:

  • To expand the cultural capital of our children through knowledge and experiences of the diverse world around them.
  • To deliver a subject specific curriculum to develop the knowledge and understanding in all subjects and for all children to acquire the skills, values and attitudes to allow them to apply their body of knowledge in different situations
  • To enable children to grow spiritually in the context of our strong Christian culture by building a moral foundation through the explicit teaching of our school values


It is essential that the knowledge and skills children learn are co-ordinated and coherent. To achieve this key concepts have been identified in each subject. These ‘golden threads’ are woven throughout our curriculum and are continually returned to and reinforced in order to create an organised, easily-understood and progressive structure of learning.

We believe that learning is most effective with repetition. The same concepts are explored in every class, at an age appropriate level, and our pupils will gradually increase their understanding of them as they progress through our school. 

We value the importance of every subject we teach and build on key concepts, knowledge and skills year by year. Children will learn distinct curriculum subjects across their weekly timetable. This provides all children with the opportunity to develop and retain knowledge across a wide range of subjects and helps them to recognise and appreciate the distinct nature of each subject and how they differ from other subjects.


The exploration of a concept is never complete. By building a secure foundation of knowledge and skills in each subject the children can continue to study these concepts, building on their learning as they transition into secondary and further education. 

During the academic year 2022-23 we will also be exploring, as a staff group, how better to monitor and assess the impact of our curriculum.

Ultimately we want them to know more, remember more and do more!

Curriculum Policy

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Maths Calculation Policy

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Curriculum objectives can be found at the base of this page by clicking on the subject links

In Foundation and Key Stage 1 we follow a phonics programme that ensures all children learn in a systematic and structured way.

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum September 2014 - if you would like to know any more about our school's curriculum offer please do contact the school office and ask to speak to Miss Wicks (Lower School) or Miss Hancock (Upper School) who lead on Curriculum.


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