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The 3 I’s for the Music curriculum


Our music curriculum is designed for pupils to:

  • Be inspired to have a love of music that challenges them to understand history, culture and technology associated with music
  • Have an appreciation of different genres of music through listening and appraising
  • Express themselves as composers, performers and improvisers


At Abbas and Templecombe Music is taught within each class in accordance with the EYFS Framework (Expressive Arts and Design) and the National Curriculum. Five key concepts will underpin all of the knowledge and skills within our music curriculum. Each class will build upon prior learning; reviewing and revising what has previously been taught and adding new knowledge and developing more advanced skills.

Music will be taught weekly as a discrete lesson following the ‘Charanga’ music scheme. This scheme has been designed to ”[help] children and young people who are becoming more confident, realising their potential or simply enjoying music more, in and out of school” (Charanga 2022).

Each class will develop the following skills and understanding: singing, listening, composing, performing and musicianship.  Children in year 4 will also have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument for the year. 

Children will have the opportunity to be exposed to a range of music during additional activities such as an annual pantomime, piano and trumpet recitals. EYFS and KS1 children will perform a Nativity with musical elements and UKS2 pupils will participate in a musical performance during Summer Term.


Our music curriculum will ensure that children at Abbas and Templecombe Primary School:

  • Become passionate, determined and engaged musicians
  • Understand their own musical history and culture as well as having appreciation of others
  • Appreciate the contributions of others and the benefits of successful cooperative teamwork

Concept and Curriculum Maps

These documents detail our concepts, values link and class teaching objectives for each class.

Diamond and Emerald Classes

Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz classes


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