After School Clubs

Our staff run a range of After School Clubs every week hoping to appeal to children's different interests and talents.

Every half term a new list is released to parents who are asked to return their child's preferences - we then inform parents as to which clubs their child has been successful in getting into.

Clubs run by teachers are run at no cost to parents but all other clubs involve a cost implication to school and therefore this is passed on to parents, generally at the weekly cost of £2.75 per child, per club.

Before School

Our Breakfast Club is very popular and runs everyday from 8am to the start of the school day, by our experienced school staff.

Pupils are offered a range of cereals, toast, spreads and juice to start their day in the best possible way. Once they have finished their breakfast they then play in the library area.

The charge for breakfast club is £2.75 a session from September 2019.


Booking forms can be downloaded from the link below, or a paper copy can be collected from the school office.

Breakfast Club Booking Form - Spring 2021
Download file


Breakfast Club Booking Form - Summer 2021
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After School

Our after school provision runs daily from 3.30pm to 5.30pm and is open to all pupils. By offering different activity choices each day we hope to give children lots of exciting and engaging experiences so that it will be a beneficial time and they will love attending the club. At least two activities are offered each afternoon, along with a snack and play time, so that pupils always have a choice. These are rotated so that if children attended the same day each week they wouldn’t always do the same activities.
The activity areas are:

  • Creative – craft, cooking, drama, singing, dance, etc.

  • Physical – sports, team building challenges, etc.

  • Construction – building – big and small

  • Role Play – den making, play area, etc.

  • Work time – homework, quiet area, reading, computer time, etc.

The club is predominantly based in the library area to allow easy access to our outside areas, school hall and the main entrance.
Refreshments – children are offered a healthy snack and drink after school; for example, crumpets or toast with a range of spreads, crackers, fruit and vegetable sticks, or items that they prepare during a cookery session.
Parents collect children from the school entrance area at 4.30pm and 5.30pm. The children are brought to the front door for dismissal.
Pupils who attend a voluntary after school club, and are booked in for this provision, will be brought to this provision by the staff member running the club, where they will have a snack and a drink before joining their choice of activity. Due to staffing allocations and the responsibility for pupil care remaining with the school during the 3.30pm to 4.30pm time slot we cannot accept bookings for just the 4.30pm to 5.30pm time slot. Bookings are either 3.30pm to 4.30pm or 3.30pm to 5.30pm.


The cost from September 2019 is £2.75 per hour. Booking forms can be downloaded from the link below, or a paper copy can be collected from the school office.

After Fun Booking Form - Spring 2021
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After Fun Booking Form - Summer 2021

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