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Art and Design

The 3 I’s for the Art and Design curriculum


Our Art and Design curriculum is designed for pupils to:

  • Have the skills to express themselves artistically and be proud of their final outcomes
  • Develop an understanding of different types of art and begin to form a preference and opinion about the art that they see and know that art is subjective and that others will form an opinion of their own work
  • Value art as profession but understand that art can be completed for enjoyment and anyone can be an artist


At Abbas and Templecombe Art and Design is taught within each class in accordance with the EYFS Framework (with links made to Expressive Arts and Designs programme of study) and the National Curriculum. Seven key concepts will underpin all of the knowledge and skills within our Art and Design curriculum. These concepts were selected as they can be applied to different artistic forms and are used when studying Art in further education. Each class will build upon prior learning; reviewing and revising what has previously been taught and adding new knowledge and developing more advanced skills.

Art and Design will be taught weekly (for 3 half terms throughout the year) as a discrete lesson to ensure our pupils understand the distinctness of the subject. Each class will develop the following skills: painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, printing and textiles. A range of artists for these six skills have been selected to be studied in more detail, balancing famous artists with less well known modern artists.

Once a year each class will have a ‘Art Appreciation’ morning to ensure the ambitious aims our of Art and Design curriculum can be met. These appreciation mornings will focus on children expressing themselves artistically and sharing their creations with each other.


Our Art and Design curriculum will ensure that children at Abbas and Templecombe Primary School:

  • Can talk confidently about the their and others art work using their understanding of the seven concepts
  • Show pride and enthusiasm for the art they have created and identify the skills they needed for each one
  • identifying personal artistic interests which they hope to pursue in the next stage of their educational journey or for personal enjoyment


Concept and Curriculum Maps

These documents detail our concepts, values link and class teaching objectives for each class.

Diamond and Emerald Classes

Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz classes


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