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The 3 I’s for the Religious Education curriculum


Our Computing curriculum is designed for pupils to:

  • Know that there is a wide technological world available to them
  • Understand how technology has impacted the world and will continue to evolve
  • Know that the application of computing skills and technology will be needed for every job and occupation available


At Abbas and Templecombe Computing is taught within each class in accordance with the EYFS Framework and the National Curriculum. Five key concepts will underpin all of the knowledge and skills within our Computing curriculum. Each class will build upon prior learning; reviewing and revising what has previously been taught and adding new knowledge and developing more advanced skills.

Computing will be taught weekly as a discrete lesson following the Support Services for Education computing scheme E-Learning and Information Managament (eLIM). This scheme has been “designed to develop safe, responsible and competent learners who are creative, curious and logical as they navigate, investigate and contribute to the world around them” (eLIM, 2022).

Each class will develop the following skills and understanding: programming, multimedia, technology and data handling. Online safety will be taught once every half term at an age-appropriate level, this will also be revised in our PSHE curriculum. Where appropriate pupils will apply their computing knowledge and skills within other subjects.


Our Computing curriculum will ensure that children at Abbas and Templecombe Primary School:

  • Can confidently use the technology available within the school and within their homes in a safe and responsible way
  • Can talk about the technology available within the community and wider world, showing an understanding of how it is used and the impact it has had
  • Can identify the necessity of developing their computing knowledge and skills as they continue within education and beyond

Concept and Curriculum Maps

These documents detail our concepts, values link and class teaching objectives for each class.

Diamond and Emerald Classes

Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz classes


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