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Physical Education

The 3 I’s for the Physical Education curriculum


Our PE curriculum is designed for pupils to:

  • Enjoy being active and have confidence to participate in a range of sport
  • Develop the ability to coordinate their movements and maintain balance for a purpose
  • Know the importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes regular movement, a balanced diet and the importance of sleep and hygiene



At Abbas and Templecombe PE is taught within each class in accordance with the EYFS Framework (Physical Development) and the National Curriculum. Three key concepts will underpin all of the knowledge and skills within our PSHE curriculum. Each class will build upon prior learning; reviewing and revising what has previously been taught and adding new knowledge and developing more advanced skills in the following areas: gymnastics, dance, ball skills, team games, movement and balance.

PE will be taught twice weekly as a discrete lesson and each class will develop their knowledge and understanding of the following key concepts: Movement, Technique and Tactics. In EYFS and KS1 these concepts will be explored in relation to the development of a range of basic skills and strategies and in KS2 these will be linked to named sports and team games.

All of the pupils will participate in an annual sports day, celebrating sporting success and encouraging healthy competition between pupils and school houses. A range of sports activities will be offered throughout the year as optional after school clubs. Children will also have the opportunity to compete in interschool competitions and sports events in both KS1 and KS2.


Our PE curriculum will ensure that children at Abbas and Templecombe Primary School will:

  • Have the knowledge, skills and confidence to participate in a range of individual and team sports, both at Abbas and Templecombe and in future education
  • Enjoy physical activity and to understand the benefits of a physical and healthy lifestyle
  • Know their areas of strength within physical education and show an understanding of their personal areas for development


Concept and Curriculum Maps

These documents detail our concepts, values link and class teaching objectives for each class.

Diamond and Emerald Classes

Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz classes


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